Attention Jake & Jen

Hello Jake and Jen. In made this mock site with wordpress. I sent login info to With that you can log in and see how the admin side works.

Call me if you want me to try to do a video demo or show you on the phone.

Since Max’s Official Site seems to be down, the content I used is a mix between non-sense and stuff I found on the web about Max’s. Hopefully you can get access to your domain name if not the entire site. If you can find that and send it to me I’d probably be able to install wordpress there and you’d have something there soon. Once you log in with the info I sent you will see how easy it will be to add and update content yourselves. The Current site looks like this:

Screen Shot 2013-01-21 at 6.32.39 PM

Site Design
I’ve set up a few fake Max “Themes” to show you how easily the entire look of the site can change if needed. Here are some screen shots. Literally with a click of a button you site could look like any of these.




I created a few dummy logos and stuff since you seem to be inconsistant in your branding overall. I would highly recomend deciding on 1 logo design for everything Max’s ingeneral so at least for this site and going forward you’ll be in good shape. I guess I would recomend going with one of the logos from the building or sign/t-shirts since replacing the sign would be more expensive than changing the truck, I think. That said, all I need to know is what logo you want me to use for the site. If you have digital files, great but if not I can recreate them if you can get me a solid straight on picture.

Max’s New Menu Items

That Dog is Hot

Try the newest Item on out menu!

Hotdog Queen of Long Branch

Event #2

This is another post about an upcoming event. It should show up on the main blog and also on the events page.

Event #1

This is a post about an upcoming event. It should show up on the main blog and also on the events page.

This is a Test Site for Jake and Jen

You’ll be able to post new information about Max’s here.